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The American Preservation Alliance:  WHAT we are, WHO we are, and OUR APPROACH to helping America and civilized society.

The American Preservation Alliance is a national organization consisting of patriotic, conscientious, motivated, liberty loving concerned citizens who are focused on being more informed, seeing constructive solutions to the issues of the day, and making a contribution. We areone part,, a media organization one part, a virtual think tank & collaborative environment one part, a developing  national membership organization. Imagine whole idea of sitting in a coffee shop having a latte (or a glass of wine, or a beer), and getting others to meet minds and talk out the issues, in a constructive, objective, maybe spirited but yet civilized way. This has some real merit and utility. We need to see more of it. Too much is stake in this country. Our Latte Party motto:


We are blessed to have a combination of people with so much to offer.  This includes former Army Green Berets, sons & daughters of combat veterans of WWI, Korea, and Vietnam, business owners, candidates for political office, organizational management consultants, Cold War Veterans, businessmen & women, former intelligence personnel, former law enforcement personnel, campaign workers, students, clergy, experienced bloggers & journalists, published authors, radio show hosts, authors, a TV actor, a director, graphics & website design experts, competitive shooters, cybersecurity specialists, private investigators, members of the National Press Club and other journalism associations, board members of national associations, self defense firearms instructors, and in age range 15 to 90.   But, out greatest asset, and the core of the Latte Party, are our motivated, patriotic citizens who have stepped up.  In fact, nearly all of our officers are private citizens with no previous military, government, or political background. That is who this is all about and who those other categories are paid by and supposed to be serving properly. They came here because of a sense of duty, because they care, and because they believe. Our contribution will be mainly in the form of writing & raising awareness, developing and distributing better methodology or tactics for civil discourse, and a series of special projects to be announced in the future.  All of these are designed for either public good or individual benefit. Our primary area of concern, our main effort or “mission” if you will, is in the political and socio-economic realm. We are a home for the true believer Eagles and Lions to come and get “armed” with information, ideas, & resources needed to better inform, provoke thought, persuade, or influence the direction of our society and governance.

This will come in the form of credibly creative or collected information, informational & motivational memes, links to online resources, some upcoming mini-publications, and much more. Our Latte Party officers, appointees, writers, and members are those who value being informed and are unafraid to say and do what is right.

We will also pursue a set of secondary lines of effort that provide the public with potentially useful information on making their lives better and safer. Most all of our members could be described as conservative, libertarian, constitutionalist, and/or spiritual.

We have many Christian and Jewish members in our ranks.  We will absolutely defend any and all peaceful, non-militant religions and are concerned about some trends and acts in American that are unmistakably aimed at the diminishment of Christianity and Judaism. What makes us different is that we seek to avoid stereotypes, toxicity, and divisiveness that have become a malignant cancer in our society over the past few years. This has been imposed upon an infectious and malevolent combination of media, academia, special interest groups, and some in government who seem to thing that changing and subverting the American Way and what the founders gave us is a good thing. Its not.

Let us be clear about what the AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE is: We are decidedly pro-military/veteran, supporters of our law enforcement heroes, pro-RKBA / 2A / self-defense, anti-socialism, anti-statist, and believers in all things that the founders intended and gave to us. We are advocates of chivalry, traditional values, patriotism, liberty, capitalism, propriety, and decency. We are not here to compete with anyone, but rather will promote and reinforce what some others are doing. In fact, we plan to put the spotlight on, provide links to, and/or support however possible all of those political movements and special interest groups that share our values.  We will focus our efforts on distributing our own reporting, products, and resources for the public good while helping those who are trying to get American and our society headed back in the right direction. We see this as a duty and responsibility.

Yes, we have a few rowdy, interesting, and diverse ones in our ranks, and yes, we might get contentious and spirited but these are also all true-believers in the American dream, “do-gooders” who have earned their keep in various pursuits such as military service in combat zones and other contributions in fighting the good fight. We have many Tea Party, Libertarian, Republican, Constitution Party, and Constitutionalists in our ranks. We have some that came here because they have been let down by the false promise and alarming bad public policy of the DNC.  One thing that we know is, that not everyone is going to agree on everything. But, what we also believe is that one shouldn’t gather up their marbles, refuse to play, and run away when they don’t agree with one of    We are finding that there is more in common and that is good amongst us, so we hope to capitalize upon that and help to harness that energy.   If anything, we hope to provide more perspectives, motivation, and help for the overall cause of liberty and our constitutional republic than some of the single track minds, though police, and social engineers out there.

We are both a collaborative environment and incubator seeking to assist and even pollinate other realms with our various upcoming ideas, publications, innovative initiatives, and projects aimed at and for the good of all.  We aim to provide support to law makers and public policy institutes who seek fresh, well-thought out, plausible solutions to major problem sets.

So, we seek to avoid the toxic, corrosive, negative, destructive approach that so many are resorting to in their online and public debates, which really just goes nowhere an accomplishes nothing.  What we have seen from some of the propagandistic, anti-American, anti-Constitutionalist cabal in the media and academia is sickening and some of their methods are despicable. Rather, the American Preservation Alliance believes in a more positive, objective, constructive approach in civil discourse. We’d rather see solutions that soliloquy and endless divisiveness that goes nowhere. We will not associate with nor condone the acts of any bigots, fascists, deviants, flag-burners, leftist trouble-makers, habitually toxic and fact-less uninformed persons,  those who argue for the sake or arguing near or around us, and most especially, those who are unpatriotic or un-Godly or cruel in their methods.

We believe in the high road.   So, we will remove anyone who represents these undesirable characteristics if they don’t respond positively to our best efforts to get them to see the light. Our members are a more principled group.  So, if we detect persons or entities that are unpatriotic, anti-American, or leftist in any form, we will oppose, expose, and provide assistance in how to defeat them to the best of our ability. Our founding occurred on Patriot’s Day 2014 under the mural of the Star Spangled Banner, at a coffee shop in the lobby of the VA Medical Center in our nation’s capitol.  This is where a group of veterans and their families of all creeds, colors, and political affiliations talked it out over coffee in a decent, respectful, civilized manner.  Taking a page from their lesson, it was there that the concept of the Latte Party was born. From that point, we formed and maintain an exclusive social media based group of approximately 200 hand-picked citizens who are lovers of America and the liberty endowed by their creator.  We now number nearly 500.  Later in 2017 we will offer memberships via this website.

The American Preservation Alliance is led by a Senior Leadership Team and Advisory Council and staff of approximately 30 persons. We are now headquartered in Washington, D.C., with our diverse group of appointees spread out nationwide.  We are also honored to have members from 11 allied countries who love America and all things liberty.  We plan to have a presence at the annual CPAC, NRA, VFW SHOW, SHOT Show, RightOnline, GRPC, and many other events in the coming years. Overall, the American Preservation Alliance’s members, bloggers, and appointees are law abiding citizens who are focused on fighting the good fight, doing what is right, making a contribution and being to the utmost of our ability – decent, classy, objective, and constructive and most of all, staunch defenders and fighters for the truth, the cause of freedom, and all things America. We are determined to not let the sacrifices of our founders nor the gallant troops and law enforcement heroes be in vain. We are here to help and do our part.  We look forwards to the fight ahead.  Because we believe.

In Liberty, The Senior Leadership Team and Advisory Council of the American Preservation Alliance July 4, 2015 Washington, District of Columbia, U.S.A.

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