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On Refugee Invasions

I am a 38 year old medical professional working in Stockholm, Sweden.  I have had the good fortune to have traveled to numerous countries outside of Europe, including but not limited to, the incredible United States of America and a place that is very special to me, the Jewish State of Israel.

Over the past 2 years my beloved country of Sweden has changed from being a safe, free country to something that resembles what I saw when I visited countries which consist of a majority of muslim persons.  The barbarism, violence, misogyny, subjugation of women, and fascism that I observed in my travels has now come to my land.

I work in a predominantly immigrant area in Stockholm, thusly experiencing first hand the results of the mass immigration and “invasion” of refugees that you may have heard about.  An involuntary multicultural reality is being force upon our country.   I experience it every day on my way to my job, and during my job. I have received countless testimonies from Arab Christian friends and colleagues stating their extreme fear of the current islamisation of their neighbourhoods.  Myself and other Swedish women live in constant fear, as the incidence of rapes and other forms of sexual assault have literally skyrocketed here in recent years, and at the hands of these immigrants from the predominantly muslim countries.  This is a fact that some governments and media outlets in Europe have been trying to conceal or subdue, but I am telling you that it is real.

Please understand that, I am not a political figure or a journalist.  But, when hearing these testimonies and when experiencing for myself the current state of reality, I cannot stay quiet. I experience the extreme negative effects of political correctness, leftism and multiculturalism on a nearly daily basis.

For example, a few years ago I started studies in the Theology University of Stockholm, to become a priest. I left after a few weeks, due to the impossibility of being a both a zionist and studying to become a priest. All of my classmates refused to accept that I even travel to Israel. The school was “hijacked” by anti-Israelism/anti-semites and leftism. Our media and political system is the same.

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Many of my friends have been attacked by muslim migrant males.  Another of my friends got her cross necklace ripped off and she was assaulted.

Many of my christian arab co-workers have to hide their crosses and their daughters are often harassed, threatened and followed by the muslim migrants, calling them “whores without hijab” and other profane insults.


I was attacked myself last year on my way to the airport early morning 3.30am. I was waiting for the flight bus at city terminal in Stockholm when an Arab muslim male migrant probably from north Africa approached me, tried to grope me and said very inappropriate things in Arabic. I answered him in Arabic ” beat it, you animal”.
He got overly excited, started jumping up & down laughing and yelling to his friends in Arabic “come, we have a whore!”  At that point, some 10-15 Arabs I hadn’t seen further away, started running towards me. I was lucky, as a taxi driver saw all of this and pulled over, took me in and drove off in a hurry. We watched how they ran after the taxi screaming!  The taxi driver, who is a Christian from Lebanon, told me that I can’t imagine what he witnesses every night out in Stockholm going on at the hands of these migrants. He said that he feels that Sweden is doomed, is dying, and it has turned into Lebanon, which he fled from after being persecuted for being a Christian.

In Sweden, children are raped inside/outside schools. The asylum homes are most often placed outside schools, often on the playgrounds.  Rapes gone up 1500% since the migrants came and none of the rapists/gangrapers/childrapers are deported. They get to remain here. The government appears to be “blindfolded,” choosing to not listen to our pleas or care about these atrocities.  In return, as natives we are maligned as racist bigots if we criticize any of this.

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Sweden even takes in returning ISIS fighters, fresh back from committing acts of terrorism in Syria and Iraq. Our Minister of Integration said, “we must love them back to society, integrate them by giving free housing, drivers licenses, and welfare.”
One official in the social democrat party said ” we must be welcoming and nice to muslims, because when we are the minority, they will be the same to us.’  It is unconscionable for the Swedish people to even hear this.

And of course there were the many days of riots by immigrant muslims in Stockholm back in 2014 and coming forwards. Between a week of riots in the Husby and Ragsved sections of our beautiful city, they burned hundreds of cars, battled the police, threw rocks, caused extensive damage to private prioerty, and caused mayhem like we have never seen here before. Ragsved has very large muslim population.  Their excuse for all of this was a court matter. But, rather than solve their problems via the courts or other peaceful means, they took to the streets in an attempt to destroy as much of our capital city as possible.  Their did not choose to handle it through elected officials, but as they do in their countries of origin – with molotov cocktails and terrorism.

Therefore, I feel a duty to raise my voice in opposition to this islamisation, forced immigration, and multiculturalism, all which we did not ask for.  I protest and raise the alarm primarily in social media. I feel I have to speak up for all those innocent people who fled the muslim persecution, raise awareness, and for family and the youths who now live in a world of fear of these barbaric, foreign invaders.

So, as a Swedish national who loves freedom, America, and my safety, I am asking, I am imploring, all Americans to not allow radical islam, anti-semitism, liberalism, and political correctness to ruin your country as it has already begun to do so in mine.