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I have a very good feeling about what is happening in our nation’s capitol right now. I spent most of four days downtown.

I think that we in for some exciting times that will yield some much needed changes in government, achievements, and pride.

People in the government are working together. By all accounts, the President and his staff are working extremely long hours. He is committed to going right down the list of his promises made during the election and getting them done.

We have a President who is embattled by malicious attacks and detractors like never before in history, yet he and his staff are ever so emboldened, dauntless fighters. He fights back just as hard as they fight him, and unlike them, he is fighting for us. These are serious people and they are getting much accomplished despite the typical Washington obstructionism, dirty politics, and dishonorable political operative media.



Think of all of the great leaders that we have had, and one thing that each had in common, is that they were bold and driven. Each was faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges. Yet, they got it done.  Look at these monuments and ask yourself if we now have a President that is unique, one of a kind, that stands out, and is saying and doing the right things for the good of the country.

So, when have you heard someone talk so much about patriotism? Or about our troops and our law enforcement heroes? Or about bringing jobs back to our country, about the economy, about strengthening our national security, about strengthening our borders, about stopping terrorists from coming in disguised as refugees and immigrants, and who said that the attacks on Jews and Christians would stop? Who repeatedly mentioned God in his inauguration speech. Who? Who hugged the Flag during the election? Who?And what about this campaign motto? Isn’t that what you want?

Eight years of failure, corruption, divisiveness, treachery, ineptness, and incompetence are over.  If the award of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 and its recipient is a yardstick for which to measure achievements and getting results by, then President Trump should receive 36 of them by tonight (one for each day in office so far)

For any naysayers out there, may I refer you to the quote here. That says it all.



I sat only a few feet away from Donald Trump when he gave a speech to a small group a little less than three years ago where I remember to this day something that he said, something that said it all to me about who he is and what he is all about.

He talked about American needing to do things that are great again. But, then when asked about if he would run in 2016, he said:

“This country is in serious trouble….I what I am doing. But, I love more than what I am doing….I love this country. I love this country…..And I hate to see what is happening. And if I don’t see the right person, I will do something in (20)16,
I will do it as sure as you are sitting there.”
He sounded dead serious when he said it.  And ask yourself what his predecessors who are now memorialized around our national mall and what they did when our country was in serious trouble in their day.

I have worked for many great, absolutely amazing leaders in the military and government. I know what one looks like, acts like, and speaks like.
Donald Trump actually cares about this country, he’s a fighter, he is serious, and has had nearly five decades of knowing how to get a big job done and done right. Refer to the quote. Look at what he is already doing.

Greatness is back.



(PHOTO CREDITS:  All images by John M. Peterson III January 2013 and February 2017. Theodore Roosevelt Quote and image by Like Success Copyright 2015.  All were taken this past week in Washington with except of the three at the Lincoln Memorial.)