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INTRODUCTION:   On this Valentine’s Day, we hereby formally initiate our new Latte Party project whose time has come – The League of Chivalrous and Romantic Gentlemen.

This is an endeavor that will include special publications, articles, and shared observations and traits that anyone desirous to talk the talk and walk the walk should posses. This is just the first of many in a series of posts that will speak to the qualities, traits, and behaviors our country desperately needs as the Latte Party does its part to put the “cool” back into being Godly, gentlemanly, and romantically chivalrous.

The Latte Party has many men and women as members who feel that chivalry, the art & practice of being a gentleman, and all things romantic are often in dire need of resurgence and advancement in today’s world. Some say that elements of romance and chivalry are either a neglected or even dying art.

Beginning two years ago, we put together a bit of a “task force” study, collaborate on, and address this need in our society.  We plan to do our share in making a contribution of primarily “new you can use” in these areas.  I will be collaborating with a select task force of our members who value, put into practice, and will research the “best practices” for the chivalrous gentlemen.  We are excited to embark on this new service of the Latte Party.



My current position requires quite a bit of travel and weekly, I’m in a position to observe ways that men could improve their chivalrousness and gentlemanly behavior. The usual manners of holding doors, courteous greetings, and appropriate attire (will cover this is detail in later writings) aside, there are stark examples and opportunities where the chivalrous gentlemen can make their mark.

On airplanes, we all appreciate the quiet moments that allow us to work, read, or rest since landing and deplaning hastily to our next destination can be stressful and hectic. I was traveling one day last week and noticed a young lady with a small child boarding the plane. In tow were backpacks, carry-on bags, and of course, the small little boy no more than 3-4 years old. During the flight, she did a great job of managing her young lad and noise was minimal. Once on the ground, the passengers began to gather their belongings and line up for deplaning. One after the other, men with earbuds in and a briefcase over their shoulder brushed past this young lady and paid no attention to her situation.

She wasn’t able to look for a chance to jump into the aisle since she was trying to gather all her stuff. I stopped and asked if she needed help and the look on her face was one of total relief. I carried the carry-on for her while she managed the backpack and young boy.

The “Knight’s Code” from a version of the Boy Scouts of America

Had no one stopped, she could have been there until the end.
Once on the jet bridge, I held the little boys hand while she opened the stroller and piled in all the bags. She thanked me profusely and said that in her four previous legs, not one person even allowed her the chance to get out of the aisle much less gather her stuff systematically to insure nothing was left behind.


I believe that what I did was not extraordinary but only acting in a gentlemanly manner. I prayed that it would be an example to anyone else watching and how you are never in that much of a hurry to do the right thing. Character means doing the right thing when no one is looking but I also believe that it means you behave the right way because someone is always watching. God sees our every move and knows our every thought. It’s our intention to provide 10 or so guidelines that one can point to live a gentlemanly and chivalrous lifestyle. I contend that there are 10 important rules that we should all live by that can found on 2 stone tablets that provide all the guidance one needs.

Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, having flowers for your sweetie is great but providing her favorite kind and color is even better. It’s not about the dinner, it’s about how you prepare it or your special place where you dine that matters. An occasion is made more memorable by what occurs and the conversations you have during, instead of the physical location. Try writing your Valentine a message on your monogrammed stationary (again, another topic for another day) instead of always relying on Hallmark.

The 14th of February is a day that is recognized for love and endearment. However, a romantic gentleman treats everyday as an opportunity to produce random acts of kindness for his sweetie.

Happy Valentine’s Day one and all.

Until next time



“Guidelines for the Chivalrous Gentleman” — Version 1 of the “Gentleman Card” series — A checklist devised by the league members of guidelines and reminders which will be a downloadable, printable “card” in business card size which can be produced to hand out to friends, family, coworkers, and while out in public where the need for such knowledge arises.