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Dear fellow Americans,10330491_867888076559951_183132713706294208_n

As the general election draws to a close, I’d like
to say a few things about Mr. Trump and the state of our country.

I understand that Trump isn’t a traditional candidate. Maybe that’s why he resonates with so many people who are sick and tired of career politicians and the scandals associated with them. Eight years ago we elected a man who promised to fundamentally change our country. Fast forward to today and what we are seeing are the results of that change. Blacks and whites are more divided, police are being made out to be the enemy, terrorism is expanding, illegal immigration has no consequences, jobs are scarce, crime is on the rise, health insurance premiums are astrtrump-penceonomical and on and on.

Enough is enough we say!

And, no one can deny his immense popularity, particularly at his record breaking rallies, that he has transformed into a movement much of the patriotic citizenry and working class who want to see a change, an all-time record high voter turnout for Republicans in the primaries, beating sixteen very qualified patriotic Americans to win the nomination, and is doing so well despite theimages-1 very obvious, proven media bias and collusion.   He would not have gotten this far if what he has to offer wasn’t necessary AND much in demand by patriotic, working Americans.

I’ve been on the Trump Train since day one. As the election proceeded, I reveled in his successes
This election is about change, about returning this great country to her former self, a place where we all have a shot and where the rest of the world respects us and wants to be us!

On November 8th we can finally say that we are done with the Clinton machine and the scandals, crime, pay to play, foreign influence and FBI investigations of the past 25 years. This is also our chance to make our country safer again and address a number of failures and issues that have been allowed to deteriorate in recent years.

North American Bald Eagle on American flag

North American Bald Eagle on American flag

We love our country and what the Foundeunnamedrs gave us and troops have sacrificed so much to preserve. So, we are asking that you join with us in the history making decision that will help us correct our course in history. God gave us a chance to make the right choices and save our country.   We would do anything for our great country and we know that electing the Trump/Pence ticket is the right thing to do.

God bless America, the American people and Donald J. Trump!
November 8th we take our country back!

In Liberty,

Anne Marie Acks-Ruple10402598_883709948311097_7778768641824270326_n

President, Latte Party

On Twitter: @AMTrump4PRES

Photo Credits:  Fox News, Trump/Pence 2016

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