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united-states-flag-with-eagle-2     Some of our most successful presidents were not politicians such as Washington and Eisenhower. Some of them also weren’t so “presidential” in their mannerisms either. The difference is they did not have to contend with whiners on social media. Washington, Adams and Jefferson were rather brutal in how they dealt with adversaries. The rivalry between Jefferson and Adams destroyed their friendship for a decade. They later became friends again through correspondence started by Adams until they both died on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence on 4 July 1826 approximately five and half hours apart.

Eisenhower st22464_106312806047048_8061914_narted the interstate highway system with military purposes in mind, but the country benefited from the new highway system. He was not a prior politician, but was a military officer with great administration skills and the ability to bring people to a unanimous or near unanimous agreement in order to achieve objectives.
Theodore Roosevelt had minor political experience serving as a New York State Assemblyman for three years before becoming governor of New York. He became vice president William McKinley’s first VP, Garret Hobart, died of a heart attack. He would later become president and brought forth the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine. Roosevelt made his mark as a military hero and rode that to political office.latte party meme freedom isnt free 1

Some of our presidents that have been the biggest failures were career politicians before becoming president. Millard Fillmore, James Buchana (often blamed for taking no action that led to the Civil War being handed to Lincoln shortly after he took office), President Obama has been a career politician and he’s not exactly the pillar of a successful president with roughly 70% of Americans feeling the country is moving in the wrong direction after nearly 8 years of his presidency.

2a     Another way to look at it is what we’ve been electing has not been working for us. We’ve had center right or far left from the past two presidents and look what we have to show for it, lower wages, higher prices and nearly $20 trillion in debt. We have crumbling infrastructure (note there have been several bridge collapses, so that’s not good), we have schools that are falling further behind, we have regulation upon regulation for just about anything.

We aren’t progressing, we are regressing. Most of our largest cities are not shining examples of American greatness, they are shadows of darkness with increasing crime rates with some reaching critical mass proportions. Our manufacturing sector has continued to decline some due to automation, but a lot is also due to our government making American jobs a major export through bad trade deals. Free trade is great, but in our case it’s faulty trade because it’s our own fault that we are so heavily screwed in our trade agreements. Hillary has been a part of that process for more than 3 decades. Trump has been in the private sector.

      For those that are saying but Trump doesn’t have foreign policy or military experience! Well,10411134_994142087264111_6384072768392038244_n Hillary has no military experience except her claim to have wanted to join the Marines and “wannabes” don’t count. Hillary’s foreign policy experience is about as horrendous as it gets just look at the condition of the world. She was the chief architect of Obama’s foreign policy during his first term and that led to the disastrous policies in Syria, Iraq and Libya. She urged arming the Syrian opposition, she urged for the Libya intervention and her State Department did next to nothing to renegotiate the SOFA with Iraq. Yes, those SOFA agreements have to be renegotiated from time to time. We have renegotiated the SOFA with Korea, Japan and Germany numerous times and we’ve been in those countries for DECADES!
People seem to think you get a SOFA agreement and it is permanent and never changes. FALSE!!!! Hillary was also instrumental in caving into Iran at every turn while Secretary of State. I’m not criticizing engaging with Iran, I’m criticizing capitulating to Iran at almost every turn. She reset US-Russia relations back to the Cold War. She allowed the US State Department to make a social justice statement in the Middle East by holding gay pride events at diplomatic missions creating a cacophony of outrage among those nations.

So, just consider those things when you are contemplating your vote.

Thank you for taking the time to consider what has been said here.  This election is truly a turning point and critical decision point in American history.  Please take into consideration what has been presented here.
May God Bless America.

Miss Angie Parrilla

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