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Lisl Zlitni is a writer, blogger, book reviewer and editor. A former U.S. Navy hospital corpsman with an abiding interest in history and justice, she researches, amongst other topics, Richard III and the current conditions of boys in the American educational system. She also strongly supports the Second Amendment and speaking up about the real war on women, which is not what the mainstream media or current administration want to talk about: the injustices and abuses perpetrated on women by the enemies of the United States currently being courted by those in power here at home. Her hobbies include (very amateur) photography, cooking, crafts and road trips. Her poetry has appeared in Alaska Women Speak and she is a contributor to “Naming the Goddess.”

Currently at work on a book of short stories and other projects, she can be found at her blog “Before the Second Sleep” and on Twitter.

Lisl was appointed in 2015 to be a Latte Party Vice President, Senior Advisor / Advisory Council Member, and Contributing Writer.  We are excited to have her contributions!

Twitter:  @LislAK