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Here is a breakdown of our senior leadership & appointees as well as a bit about our upcoming membership breakdown and some information on how we came to be.  This section of our website contains the following, and is regularly updated:

    • President 
    • Chairman
    • Editor-in-Chief
    • Executive Vice President
    • Managing Editor
    • Senior Vice President
    • President Emeritus 
    • Founder
    • Executive Director
    • Vice Presidents (Senior Advisors, Contributing Writers, Directors, Editors, etc.)
    • Advisors and Contributing Writers
    • Special Appointments and Honorary Positions
  • MEMBERSHIP IN THE AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE  >>>>> stay tuned for more info on this later in 2017 <<<<<


TRENA BROUSE  @TrenaJaye  @AmericaPreserve

PRESIDENT, Senior Editor

Trena was appointed as the President of the American Preservation Alliance effective midnight, May 20th, 2017.  Previous to this, she served for two years as one of our Vice Presidents and Senior Advisors.  A very active member of the organization and highly informed citizen, Trena brings to the table all of the experience and motivation to lead the Latte Party to the next level and beyond.  As our President, Trena will lead the Senior Leadership Team and Advisory Council as we expand our website, projects & advocacy for the public good.

A person of unfailing patriotism and unquestionable conservatism, Trena motivates us and provides direction. Trena has a background in business, website development, non-profits, management, and spent ten years in Los Angeles in support of the entertainment industry.   She brings a variety of skill sets and professional attributes to the table. Trena provides our director our “compass” for our navigation forward both on the issues that are are concerned with and with management of this growing organization. She has already been responsible for major changes and strategic planning in all aspects of the organization.

Please see her introductory statement to the AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE made upon appointment as President:

“I have profound respect for our country and for those who came before us.  Our founding fathers, their compatriots and all those who have followed.  All those who struggled and fought to establish and preserve our great nation.  America became a safe harbor for all who sought liberty and freedom, because brave men and women stood strong in the face of adversity and tyranny.  We can do no less.  We have been given a great gift through the sacrifice and perseverance of our founders.  We are now the care takers of this great country.  It is up to us, every American to preserve our rights and freedoms.  Our country will rise or fall based on the actions we take today.  Our future and the future of generations to follow depend on us.  We will stand strong together once more.  One nation undivided.  God Bless America!”

JOHN M. PETERSON III  @jtfpeterson and @AmericaPreserve

CHAIRMAN, Editor-In-Chief2013-10-25 18.42.46

Mr. Peterson is very involved in the business, marketing, operations, management of many of the bloggers, internal communications, and as liaison to a large number of professional associations, media organizations, and our strategic alliances.  JP Latte End of Article Choice 2 He works with the American Preservation Alliance President, Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, and Directors / Editors on overall strategy, creates and facilitates relationships.  He is also active in a number of our projects to include our upcoming projects.

More about John:   Constitutional Conservative  / passionately Pro-RKBA/2A/ Right of Self-Defense /Staunch defender of the Jews and very Pro-Israel /  Pro-Intelligence / Pro-Defense / Pro-Law Enforcement /  journalist who writes for specialty and professional magazines / began his military service under President Reagan, to include serving as an Infantryman. Then John joined the U.S. Army Special Forces, serving both on active duty and in the Army National Guard. He then served as an instructor to law enforcement & citizens in a variety of disciplines. Following 9/11, he began service in a series of government sector positions in support of the war effort.   He still devotes time to helping various law enforcement and security training endeavors, to include teaching at conferences that he is invited to. He is a member of the National Press Club, Society of Professional Journalists, National Writers Union, and several national defense & security professional associations, as well a Life Member of the NRA and four additional RKBA organizations.

As an extension of being a public servant in post-government service, Mr. Peterson joined forces with a group of former classmates, team mates, coworkers, and like minded patriotic citizens to form a collaborative group in early 2014, which evolved into the AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE that spring, followed by bringing this website online in Spring 2015.

See more about John at:    OR at


MICHELLE CARE WIX  @carewix @AmericaPreserve10300657_10203629768176380_1342244407321720448_n

EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, Managing Editor, and Webmaster

She is the person who makes it all happen, our vital communications and social media operation.  Michelle is a full-time professional website and graphics designer for corporations and other entities.  She brings a formidable array of skill sets, busiMichelle Care Wix twitter photoness & marketing knowledge, and high tech capabilities to the American Preservation Alliance. The beautiful artwork and website that you see at the Latte Party are her work.  She works closely with the President and Chairman to ensure that we can connect and operate.  From the very beginning, she has ensured that the organization has been guided properly towards its goals.  We are so lucky to have Michelle at one of our top three on the leadership team!



SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT – The American Preservation Alliance Senior Vice President is a rotational position amongst our 20+ Vice Presidents. Each takes turns for a period of one to six months as part of the Senior Leadership Team, advising and assisting the President, Chairman, and Executive Vice President to lead and manage the alliance in a variety of ways.






The AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE has over 20 persons serving as appointed Vice Presidents who also serve as both Senior Advisor / Contributing Writer.   We have an additional group of appointed Advisors and Contributing Writers, but who are not in a leadership role.

Most members of the AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE ADVISORY COUNCIL also serve as leads on internal committees, task forces, and projects. All are hand-picked from a group over approximately 500 persons.13094263_1740945662849194_1588031151140496698_n

The Vice Presidents are among those who have voting power and a say-so in how the organization operates. Each has various background, strengths, attributes, and interests that they bring to the table. All are very like minded with regard to patriotism and their political ideology, though we have a bit of diversity in our ranks.  Some of our Vice Presidents and other appointees have all known each other since as far back as grade school.  We do not publicly name all of our appointees in the Latte Party and protect the identity and personal information of our members. Some are currently serving in the military, law enforcement, or government service. But, here are a few of our beloved……..


  • Lisl Zlitni @LislAK on twitter– VICE PRESIDENT and DIRECTOR / EDITOR of the CREATIVE CAFE (TM) Alaskan, writer, and book reviewer.  She’ll be the editor of our upcoming Latte Party “Creative Cafe(TM)” section of our website, which will be our home for all things literary and artisan. And it will include some of her book reviews that she is known for !.  More about Lisl: Love my country; 2A, veteran, Israel & indie books supporter; writer, reviewer; R3 not guilty; Merlin; Bulmer Hobson , book reviewer and blogger
  • Steven Horton VICE PRESIDENT and DIRECTOR / EDITOR of the LEAGUE OF CHIVALROUS AND ROMANTIC GENTLEMEN (TM)- businessman who has been happily married for over 25 years.  Steven has known a number of the original and senior Latte Party members going back over 40 years.  In the coming years, Mr. Horton will be leading a special initiative and projects of the Latte Party concerned with content and contributions for public good concerning chivalry, romance, and art of being a gentleman.  He will be assisted by other men in the Latte Party in this league, and directed by the Latte Party President and Executive Vice President.
  • Summer Hawkes @SummerAnnHawkes on twitter  – VICE PRESIDENT, SENIOR ADVISOR, and CONTRIBUTING WRITER –   Alaskan and highly informed activist, blogger, and campaign worker.  She says what needs to be said and has a real knack for being able to zero in on and hit the nail on the head with so many issues of the day.   She is multi-lingual, with many contacts overseas, traveling often abroad. She has been a model and educator in the past.  Summer has been a worker on several state and national level campaigns.  In 2016, she helped with two campaigns, taking time off from her full-time job to work in multiple key states to help win the election.  Summer has written several times for the website and has a real gift for both analysis and compelling commentary on the issues of the day.  She has been invaluable with her leadership and guidance as the Latte Party grows.  Beginning May 18th, 2017, Summer began serving as our Latte Party Senior Vice President, a rotational position shared amongst our multiple Vice Presidents, for a period of one to six months. She will directly advise and assist the President with her expertise.
  • Julie Ellen Blair  on twitter:  @mizjulee VICE PRESIDENT, SENIOR ADVISOR, and CONTRIBUTING WRITER  A patriotic conservative who is deeply interested in the issues facing our great country.  Please also see her bio at:  and her blog “Caddy’s Chronicles”
  • Randy Pollock on twitter:  @TexasRazor  —VICE PRESIDENT, SENIOR ADVISOR, and CONTRIBUTING WRITER. Previous Congressional Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives District 2 from Oregon, military veteran, and blogger.  Randy is a business owner and very active with the issues of the day.                                                             His blog is at:
  • Deborah Smith Neilan VICE PRESIDENT, SENIOR ADVISOR, and CONTRIBUTING WRITER. She is an attorney who is both an astute observer of and having a real knack for analysis on a number of top issues of the day.  Deborah has written several times for the Latte Party website.  Please see her biography at:
  • Nick Richardson on twitter:  @Gr8terV  VICE PRESIDENT, SENIOR ADVISOR, and CONTRIBUTING WRITER  A veteran of the United States Army who served overseas and now runs a military charity which he founded.  Nick hails form the Pacific Northwest, is a family man, speaks German, and has a Master’s Degree in the Administration of Justice and Security.  In 2012 Nick conceived of an idea for a charity to help fellow veterans, based partly upon his own experiences and a passion to help those who have served.  In July 2015 he formed the organization “Gr8ter Veterans” of Spokane, Washington, with a motto of “Helping Veterans Achieve Greatness.”                                   The website is:            Facebook page:  “Greater Veterans Spokane”

Nick is also active on YouTube.  Nick is an example of a veteran who knows that service to one’s     country does not end when one takes off the uniform.

  • Todd Jaderborg  — VICE PRESIDENT, SENIOR ADVISOR, and CONTRIBUTING WRITER – a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, he is a published outdoor writer, photojournalist, survival instructor, and artisan who writes for several reputable newsstand and online media outlets that make use of his extensive knowledge in survival and gear. A very unafraid and openly patriotic, Christian, conservative American citizen, Todd is served in the U.S. Army on active duty in the Cold War 20130914_6M4A2934 - Copyunder President Reagan.  He is a field editor for the Outdoor Sportsman Group, with multiple newsstand articles appearing in the high demand periodic “Be Ready!” magazine.  Todd writes some great product reviews and has a real knack for testing gear for wilderness survival and disaster readiness. Todd is a member of the Big 3 East Media Group, the one-of-a-kind biannual media event for writers on tactical firearms, accessories, gear, and training conducted near Daytona Beach. He also develops unique survival items and products related to antiquity.  Todd can conduct wilderness and disaster training under contract. Please visit his website and blog which is continually expanding.



The AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE has over four dozen persons serving on its Advisory Council.  Many of these same persons are all also either regular or11659503_1019125891432397_4463083107268698421_n occasional contributing writers and designated as “Contributing Writer” (either as a blogger or journalist, or both).  Most serve on a committee or special project within the Latte Party.   The AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE Advisory Council is all volunteer, but was selected from a group of nearly 500 persons, mostly whom were in an internal communication group of like-minded persons.  Others were recruited from outside of that group.  Advisors provide input, write, share information on news and common interests, and serve on committees.   There are an additional number of Contributing Writers, guest journalists and bloggers, who are “on loan” from other media outlets as well.  We do not publicly name all of our appointees in the Latte Party and protect the identity and personal information of our members.  

We have an additional number of artisans and persons involved in the literary world who will be contributing content to our website beginning in 2017.

We are very lucky to have the following very talented professionals who are artisans, in media, and journalism contributing to the AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE as Advisors and Contributing Writers:



  • Mykel Hawke on twitter @mykelhawke  TV Host, director, and producer of survival and adventure TV shows, survival instructor & author, inventorshopping, consultant, humanitarian, security contractor, writer, and special operations veteran.  Mykel is a retired combat veteran of the United States Army Special Forces (aka the “Green Berets”) which included service in Afghanistan.  He was both an enlisted Special Forces soldier and then commissioned officer, retiring as a Captain.  He has also worked as a government contractor overseas in high risk environments. Among the various television shows that he has been involved with, he starred alongside his wife in the Discovery Channel show “Man, Woman, Wild.” He invented a variety of survival tools that are for sale online. He provides contract instruction to private groups and government on both survival skills and emergency medical treatment.  He can be found at his website  as well as on facebook.     Plus see his biography at:

yCFlwBFUth (1)


  • Tommie Flannery Baskis  on twitter @TommieBaskis  Author, artist, creative photogrx6P1QvHaapher, media photographer for hire, businesswoman / business owner, model, and writer.  She studied Fine Art at Indiana University. She will be adding content to one of the new, upcoming sections of our website to be called the “Creative Cafe.”  President of Duskflyer Vision Art, Photography and Productions   Additionally, she is adept at photographing and covering tactical events and doing product reviews on firearms and tactical gear. She was once brought in as the official photographer for a unique special operations competition.                                                                                                   See more on this at:                Tommie’s most recent addition to her work is the introduction of a new product line of hand crafted perfumes for both men and women.  These are Artisan Crafted, Essential Oil, Root, Leaf, Flower & Spice Essences which she invented herself and is now being sold nationwide. Angel Blue Perfume, LLC  www.angelblueperfume.comDuskflyer Tactical Collage








  • Nadja Borg – she is a professional living in Sweden and very involved as an activist and researcher. She is fluent in not just Swedish, but Finnish and English, and is learning French, German, and Hebrew.   She has traveled abroad to several dozen countries to include Israel, Egypt, the USA, and across Europe.  She has been deeply involved in the noble pro-Israel cause and the fight against anti-semitism. She has firsthand experience dealing with militant extremists who threaten our way of life. Nadja has an international network of contacts that she collaborates and exchanges information with.  A true Christian conservative who is a great friend to America.   Look forward to her upcoming articles on this website.  She can be followed on facebook at
  • Yelba Zoe Osorio – A registered nurse with three degrees, actress, acting school graduate, acting coach, and yoga/pilates instructor in the Los Angeles area who will be one of our bloggers when we fire up a section of the website concerned with health & wellness.   A longtime personal and family friend to the Latte Party Chairman John Peterson and Special Assistant James Peterson
  •  more appointees of the Latte Party to be announced in summer 2017




SPECIAL APPOINTMENTS & HONORARY POSITIONS – The Latte Party / American Preservation Alliance President, Chairman, Founder, or Senior Vice President appoint persons for special tasks or status within the Latte Party, as

  • Honorary President Mr. David Paul Acks  (1926-2017) – An example for all citizens to follow and member of the “Greatest Generation,” a combat veteran of World War II and the Korean War, disabled veteran, and father of one of our members.   He once was the elected commander of a Jewish War Veterans organization and was recognized by a member of the United States House of Representatives for his advocacy.  We are so honored and lucky to have Mr. Acks as our Honorary PresLATTE PARTY APPOINTMENT HONORARY PRESIDENT SLIDEident.  Mr. Acks passed away at the age of 91 in early 2017 and was laid to rest with full military honors on Tuesday March 7, 2017, at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery.








  • Special Assistant to the Latte Party Chairman – James M. Peterson – provides logistical, 13450048_1749442895332804_5776887315261269747_nadministrative, marketing, events support, cybersecurity and physical security assistance to the Chairman.  James has spent much time living and working in both New York City and Los Angeles.  He is a Life Member of the National Rifle Association and member of the IACSP.
  • Special Assistant to the Latte Party President – multiple persons appointed to assist the President, but who are not the Vice Presidents
  • Special Consultant to the Founder – handles cybersecurity and countermeasures issues for the Latte Party, to include triage and legal support
  • Task Force Directors, Associate Editors, and Committee Directors – for specialized, pet projects of the Latte latte party meme Adam brushfires quote 2Party, which are mostly focused on those aimed at doing public good and will result in a publication or other contribution.  Some of these committees and projects are focused on special interest or recreational topics that add variety and flavor to the Latte Party.
  • Honorary Vice President (not yet designated/appointed, may be more than 1 appointed)
  • Honorary Members / Honorary Life Members (to be determined and designated in the future)
  • Life Member – there will be four (4)  categories of Latte Party Life Membership.  See below.




There will be a series of membership levels offered to those wishing to “join” the Latte Party beginning in late 2017.  This will include an entry level free membership for anyone signing up for our social media feeds and email list.  Any Advisor may give out unlimited free annual AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE membership cards and every Senior Advisor may give out up to a certain number of free annual paid Latte Party memberships each year.  Once the Latte Party becomes an open membership organization, there will be the following levels of memberships offered:


  • ANNUAL MEMBER (various levels, to include a free membership level.  Free memberships will be conferred on those persons who sign up for a distribution list. They will be issued a membership card.  Higher levels latte party meme webster quote chart 2of AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE membership will have certain member benefits that come with that, to include discounts.  Any person who joins the Latte Party via our website after January 1, 2018.  There will be free annual memberships and then a paid annual membership which includes more amenities.  For the free memberships, the new members must register via a website function.
  • CHARTER ANNUAL MEMBER (joins before January 1, 2018, to include any existing member that is connected to our current membership)
  • LIFE MEMBER  – there will be four (4)  categories of Latte Party Life Membership.
    • A. Honorary Life Member – designated by any of the top 10 appointees (aka inner inner circle) in the AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE at any time.
    • B. Founding Charter Life Member (Latte Party founders & “Inner Circle”) – The Latte Party Vice Presidents/Senior Advisors, Special Advisors, Special Assistants, Senior Vice President, Founder/President Emeritus, Honorary President, Chairman, and President will be given a free lifetime membership in return for their contributions. These are persons who joined between 2014 through summer 2017.  We currently have approximately 30 Founding Charter Life Members. 
    • C. Charter Life Member – a person who joins the AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE and pays for a Life Membership package before January 1, 2019. This membership package will have benefits that come with it, to include a distinctive membership card and a low membership number.
    • D. Life Member – a person who joins the AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE and pays for a life membership package and Life Member after January 1, 2019.  This membership package will have benefits that come with it, to include a distinctive membership card.
  • SPONSOR (various levels of corporate memberships, which will include advertising packages)



Over 490 persons who are already members of the Latte Party or now under the newly name AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE were designated on the 3 year anniversary of the Latte Party, which occurred on Patriot’s Day 2017.  These citizens belong to a private, invite only, internal communication group and are connected by either social media or other means.  All of those in this original membership category are considered a “Founding Charter Member” of the AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE, so long as they joined before we offer public memberships on October 1, 2017.

Many of these persons have been very active in sharing information online, activism, and other roles.  Our commonalities and identity are described elsewhere in the Latte Party “Who We Are” portion of the website.

Latte party meme abigail adams quote 2016


We are quite proud of how civil, constructive, and conscientious the Latte Party has become.  We have many very highly informed, patriotic citizens in our ranks, which also include multiple veterans and military families, police officers, activists, and even two former candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, a former candidate for the U.S. Senate, Congressional staffers, Governor’s staff, media persons, authors, journalists, producers, directors, artisans, educators, public servants, and charity workers.

All those joining our private, selective internal communication group through the end of calendar year 2016 will receive this designation as a “Founding Charter Member”. The number of persons in our internal group, which is separate from being a member of the Latte Party, will be no more than 500, or as decreed by the President.  They will receive the designation “Founding Charter Member” as part of whatever membership level that they choose to be in, to include having this imprinted on their membership materials.



renamed on May 24, 2017 as the AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE

The AMERICAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE founding occurred in a coffee shop in the lobby of the Washington LATTE-owned-WEBSITE-background-V1-july-2015-The-Latte-Party-_ - CopyVA Medical Center, under a mural of the star-spangled banner (see bottom photo) while having a cafe latte during meeting with others of various races and backgrounds, all concerned about the fut
ure of their country and society. They got into some normally contentious and hot-potato topics, but, were willing talk it all out in a constructive, dignified way.  The question was raised “why can’t the rest of the country talk things out like civilized people like we just did?”

At around this time frame, the founder also attended a large media event for writers and photographers for the various outdoor and adventure magazines, discussing issues of the day and how best to make

things right.  This was a diverse group of Americans.  He was very convinced that all loved their country and knew of smarter ways to go about things.  During the conversation, someone was giving out bumper stickers with the words “God and Country” and the organizer of the event wore a patch on the back of his hat (shown at right).

Also during this time frame, he attended multiple events at the National Press Club, to include news-maker events, semin11377132_994911560520497_2111626954019604308_nars, and speeches by two eventual Presidential candidates.  This, and collaboration and sharing amongst existing journalists, bloggers, and researchers, is where we began as a media organization.  (But, we believe that our genesis may stretch back to the early 1980’s, as a number of us were in the same Literary Club in high school and in Youth Government and mock legislature.  Some of our common interests continue to this day, and we will even have a literary section of our website soon)


Then, the founder began meeting with more an more persons to attempt to discuss the issues of the day over coffee, wine, martinis, or beer.  Often, these were strangers sharing space at an establishment, other members of the press club, or at think tank events in the nation’s capital.  Attempts were ma11834944_1038519186159734_3894291747912320078_ode to utilize a more effective, logical, and convincing approach.  Facts combined with persuasion and logic, but without the venom and mean-spirited nature that often contaminates civilized discourse.  After one such lively but mostly constructive exchange, the founder sat down to design an organization at a cafe located in the Willard Intercontinental Hotel (shown in photos at left, right, and below) It is quite apparent that a better approach and methodology is needed, as the country has become too divided and many can’t event discuss the issues these days in a decent manner, not to mention getting some results.   He then began to watch more closely various online social media groups, attend more events at the think tank and media associations, and talk to many, many more people on all sides of the issues.

10374008_799063810105274_5247320866253797677_nAll of this, combined with ongoing collaboration with like-minded patriotic, conscientious friends going back as far as grade school, high school, military,  and government life, plus some friends from along the way, combined with concern about obvious issues of the day, are the origins of the Latte Party.   Not as an organization to compete with any other, but rather to promote and assist those causes that we feel are in the best interest of our country and in accordance with the Founder’s intents & designs.  We will also focus some of our lines of effort on other areas of living well, living safely, and helping each other.  Our approach is a more decent, civilized, constructive, positive, and results oriented.  Yet, we have some real “fighters” in our midst and those who are not afraid to say what needs to be said and fight the good fight.  Ours are not passengers, but stakeholders.  Not people who blindly accept what the news media and politicians feed them.  We have members who have well formed, plausible solutions and concepts for future legislation.  We have members who know more effective means to disseminate information or conduct civilized discourse and debate.  We have members who are military veterans and police officers , as well as their survivors and family members, w10411134_994142087264111_6384072768392038244_nho want to see the fruit of their labors and sacrifices in the form of results and not failure.

As the last drop of that Latte was finished that day in Washington, D.C., the mission was becoming clearer.  A core group was gathered more closely and a very positive, civilized, constructive, collaborative effort was grown online.   Most of these persons are very, very involved in finding and sharing news information on issues of the day, and some go further with activism or political involvement.  Others do volunteer work.  But, all seek to do their part and make a contribution.  When we realized the high level of involvement and potential of over 200 charter founding members, and 50 or so would-be appointees and writers, we formalized and then made public our11659503_1019125891432397_4463083107268698421_n organization, beginning with a website a year after we began.   In mid-2015, we will begin offering the various forms of memberships.  And we have many projects that we are discussing both in terms of our media / web capabilities, public services, and maybe even Latte Party logo items.483920_482864298391895_1021682778_n








So, we will continue to emerge as a public service group, media organization, think tank / collaborative effort of patriotic true-believers.

As our first President declared, the winds of change are blowing and we are unifying and doing something about it.

Over coffee and wine, via keyboards and smartphones, amongst smart, conscientious, patriotic people who care and want to do their part, the Latte Party was born.




Founded 2014 at a coffee shop in the VA Medical Center in our nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C.

For God and Country,

Trena – President and Senior Editor  On twitter: @AmericaPreserve and @TrenaJaye or

John  – Chairman and Editor in Chief On twitter:  @AmericaPreserve and @jtfpeterson  or

Michelle – Executive President and Managing Editor                     

Summer – Senior Vice President @SummerAnnHawkes on twitter


Facebook:   @AmericanPreservationAlliance

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Please visit us on instagram at:  To be announced June 2017

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Who We Are: