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We have been privileged and excited to have as our first Latte Party President, Anne Marie APresident-Anne-Mariecks-Ruple.   She served from May 2015 to May 2017 during the Founding of the Latte Party as our President and also as Senior Editor and writer for the Latte Party.

Her combination of patriotism, values, spirituality, activism, and conscientiousness bring a lot to the table as the Latte Party develops.  She is a mother, wife, and adoring daughter of a member of the Greatest Generation, who served in both World War II and the Korean War and who lived until the age of 90 under her care in 2017.   She lead us on the issues and work closely with the Chairman and the Senior Vice President and Advisory Council of the Latte Party as we emerge in our quest to say what needs to be said and make a contribution.  In addition, Anne Marie engages in online activism and is involved with ACT for America.

Anne Marie is designated as Founding / Charter Life Member #001
Anne Marie also manages our Latte Party twitter page  @thelatteparty

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