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Our Mission

The American Preservation Alliance is a national organization consisting of patriotic, conscientious, motivated, liberty loving concerned citizens who are focused on being more informed, seeing constructive solutions to the issues of the day, and making a contribution.

We are:

one part,, a media organization
one part, a virtual think tank & collaborative environment
one part, a developing  national membership organization.

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Something is happening on our nation’s capitol. Something great. Despite the unprecedented onslaught of malicious, unnecessary attacks by political operative media and obstructionist politicians, the President is working long hours and already getting a lot done. But, it was something that I heard him say in a speech long before he declared his candidacy that is worth considering.

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Introducing . . . THE LEAGUE OF CHIVALROUS AND ROMANTIC GENTLEMEN by Director & Associate Editor Steven Horton — Installment #1

In response to the chivalry, the art & practice of being a gentleman, and all things romantic are often in dire need of resurgence and advancement in today’s world, the Latte Party has formed a task force to study, collaborate on, and address this need in our society. We plan to do our share in making a contribution of primarily “new you can use” in these areas. This is the means by which the Latte Party will do its part to put the “cool” back into being Godly, gentlemanly, and romantically chivalrous – the League of Chivalrous and Romantic Gentleman, under the direction of Latte Party Vice President and Associate Editor Steven Horton.

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The Challenges Ahead

Something to think about regarding the value of perseverance and preservation

Event’s like the terrorist attack on July 16, 2015 that took the lives of 4 of our Marines and 1 Sailor in Tennessee really got to alot of people. Out came a lot of rage, anger, hurt, and raw emotion. We have seen this repeating itself since 9/11 both in the USA and Europe. There is no doubt that freedom is under attack both from outside and from within.  I don’t know about you, but, I came close to tears or worse many times every time we see innocent people killed or maimed by the enemies of freedom. And with this onslaught of terrorist infiltration, creeping sharia, and jihad going on, anti-constitutional leftists, and corruption in government, its causing many to really have some angst and frustration. Some say that they are losing hope. Or don’t know what to do.
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We are a public service group that is expanding as a national level media outlet, membership organization, and virtual think tank / collaborative environment of conscientious, patriotic true-believers who want to make a contribution,know the truth, seek solutions, and do their part.

We passionate believe in preserving and spreading liberty and patriotism.

Our motto:   Laus Deo Honor Semper